The 1970-80’s has seen a lot, mostly artistic experimentin in the US that were grounded in the centuries old tradition of storytelling. These artistic expressions could address a wider audience with stories of common people, through the personal tone of visual storytelling. Soon the method incorporating traditional, personal recollections and contemporary techniques has become part of the curriculum of courses in visual art and in other fields.

The public could easily identify with the personal messages, “video postcards”, that were introduced first in travelling theatre performances, and later even on television. The stories made the audience recall their own experiences and the video postcards soon became very popular. At the same time the method became more widely used in various fields of education.

In the first decades the personal messages were created by mobilising huge technical equipment and staff. Later with the widespead use of digital technology video creation has become more accessible. Thus an even larger public could get engaged in the creation. The first workshop about “personal narrative short film” making was held in 1993 at the American Film Institute in San Francisco. The Centre for Digital Storytelling was established at the same place, one year later. Since it’s establishment, the Center is continously holding general and specialised workshops.

In Europe the method was formally introduced in 2003, when the regional service BBC Wales has started it’s own program and centre based on the experiences of other digital storytelling courses held in various locations. BBC Wales reached a wide audience with its grand project where every night the audience could see a personal digital story related to the region. Due to the success of the show similar projects have been initiated in many educational, health development and community areas. As a result Wales had become the European centre of digital storytelling.
Individual countries, institutes and organisations interpret and use digital storytelling differently. To present and discuss the various approaches they hold annual festivals in Wales and internationally in different countries..

The method used by Anthropolis Association is an adaptation of the Wrexham method of the Yale College, Wales.