Beyond our basic workshops we organise individually tailored workshops matching the requested schedule and content at our headquarter in Budapest or at any other location in Hungary.

Course elements


Preparation for the workshop and introduction to digital storytelling through short films.


The short icebreaking games are adapted to each group and facilitate the introduction of participants and the creation of a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Storytelling circle

This playful phase helps to form a supportive and confidential circle with the participants where the inherent process and work of storytelling can take place. The aim of the storytelling circle is to help the participants sketch the draft of a story to tell. This they can elaborate later into a story and record it with a voice recorder.

Script and storyboard

The storytellers would write up the story of their own stories according to the previously given outlines and criteria. They can ask for assistance from the trainers of the workshop. Based on the story they also prepare the script and storyboard of their film.

Voice and image recording

The storyteller would read out her story that will be recorded digitally. This will constitute the narrative basis of the film. In the same stage the photographs used in the film will be arranged (with the collection of digital photographs and scanning of paper photographs).

Technical skills

(not part of the ‘mini workshop’)
This stage gives a short, basic introduction into digital editing (of images and sound), and the participants can get familiar with the editing software used in the project.


(not part of the ‘mini workshop’)
The participants – with assistance if requested – edit their own digital story. They edit the voice and match the photographs, create subtitles and credits, transform pictures and frames if necessary and finish up their own project.

(The videos of the mini workshop participants are edited by the trainers based on their storyboards.)
Both the presentation of their own films and watching the films of other group members is an important experience for all the participants. The partcipants can evaluate and reflect on their own experiences and ideas.

The created short films will be archived at www.digitalistortenetmeseles.hu, and will become accessible for the public according to the permissions given by the authors.


Types of basic workshops

Intensive training (22 hours)

Short introductory session and 3 days of intensive activity

Weekly scheduled, regular training (24 hours)

Sessions of 4-5 hours on a weekly basis running for a month.

Mini workshop (13 hours)

After a short introductory session a one-day intensive training without technical instructions (the short films will be assembled by the trainers of the Association).