Digital storytelling is a method, that helps us to focus on ourselves and on our own story. It assists us to phrase our story, to dramatise it, illustrate it with photographs and to tell it to others.

The workshops are held for groups, where participants share their stories with each other and experience the making and sharing of a story together. The shared experience creates a strong group cohesion between participants.

With the method of digital storytelling the narrator is processing her personal experience with the help of her photographs. The result of this process is a short film narrated with her own voice and illustrated with her own photographs.

The process of digital storytelling:

  • Find it – the story which is important for you
  • Tell it – with your own words and photographs
  • Share it – with each other, or with anyone through the internet

How it can be used?

Digital storytelling provides the opportunity for the participants to get to know themselves and eachother better. It enhances creativity and self-expression. The possibilities to use the learned method and acquired skills (e.g. video editing) beyond the workshop, to implement further ideas is limited only by our very imagination.

  • Education (formal and non-formal): developing competence in the areas of digital, social, linguistic, artistic consciousness and expressivity
  • Art training, museum-pedagogy
  • Community building
  • Research in the field of local history, sociology, collective memory, “oral history”
  • Health development
  • International development, business, social responsibility
  • Individual purpose, self-development
  • Improvement of creative skills

What do we offer?

We organise workshops and courses for small groups (6-8 person). The adult or student participants:

  • learn about the method of digital storytelling
  • get assistance to find and structure their stories
  • get a short technical introduction on how to create their short films
  • create their short films
  • share their stories with each other